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F1B Mini Goldendoodle:
Mom is small Goldendoodle and the dad is a miniature poodle. These are available in 15-20 lbs full grown or 20-30 pounds full grown. If you have allergies or asthma it is strongly suggested to go with an F1B
F1b Mini Goldendoodle 
charting to be 20-25 pounds full grown

F1 Mini Goldendoodle: 
Mom is a small golden retriever and the dads a miniature poodle.  They average 30-40 pounds full grown.  These are a 50-50 mix between the two breeds 

✅F1b Mini Goldendoodles 
ready November & December 2023
 ✅F1s ready December 2023
✅F1bs and F1's for 2024 
The deposit is $200 and goes towards the purchased price.
deposit can be placed with paypal, venmo, zelle or cash app
for more information please call me, 
Stephanie at 443-282-4129

🐶🐶Now accepting deposits for 2024🐶🐶

It is always best to place a deposit earlier if you are wanting to have a lower picking place in a litter. So if you are wanting first pick of a litter place your deposit sooner rather then later. 
F1b sizes available 15-20 and 20-30 pounds full grown
F1 sizes 30-40 pounds full grown 
🐶What do you get when you get a puppy from mandcdoodlesofmaryland....
-you get to pick whether you prefer an f1 or F1b Mini Goldendoodle(yes that’s all we breed)
-you get to pick boy/girl preference 
-we specialize in tan, golden and red colors. Some come with white but not party colored. You can check out the photo gallery for coloring
-once the puppies are born we start sending weekly videos for updates. This means that I will send you at least one video per week and then we do the picking when the puppies are about 5 to 6 weeks old. (We pick when the puppies are this age so we can tell a little more about personality, their hair coat and projected size) And then they are ready at 8 weeks. 
-puppies are socialized from the time they are born. These are family raised puppies around small children. 
-we start them on basic training; no jumping, sit, shake paw, walking on a harness and leash as well as started on crate training. 

🐶If you want to be a lower picking in a litter then it’s best to plan ahead. 

🐶We take 6 deposits for a litter then if there are more then 6 puppies fill the spots with those who have deposits for a future time frame or first come first serve. We don’t hold spots with out deposits. 

🐶Deposits are non refundable BUT are transferable to a future litter 

🐶The difference....
F1 the moms a small golden retriever and the dads a mini poodle 30-40 pounds full grown 
F1bs moms a small goldendoodle and dads a mini poodle 15-20 pounds OR 20-30 pounds full grown 

🐶If you have allergies or asthma it is strongly suggested to go with an F1B

🐶we do keep puppies for additional training after they are 8 weeks. Feel free to reach out and discuss this option.
F1 Mini Goldendoodles
30-40 lbs full grown
Ready December 11th
Mini Goldendoodle
15 lbs full grown