Customer Testimonials

Here are a few words of praise from some of our satisfied customers:

 “Cody is doing really well. Totally house trained in less than 1 week.  A perfect puppy.  We only hope he gets bigger soon, the hawks have their eye on him” 

"I am soooo please with my puppy Dally.  I can tell you take a lot of time with your puppies, she was crate trained like you stated and hasn't had an accident yet! Thanks again for the great puppy!!" AJ & Kimmy

“Three must be the charm, this is our third puppy from you and what a dream he is.  All of our puppies have been easy to train and get along great together!” Lois 

"We love our puppy! We named her Nyla. Thank you for making our family so happy!" The Ruschmans

I purchased a puppy from you back in August all I can say is that Jasmine is fantastic. We’ve had no health issues with her at all and she is doing great. Here is a little testimonial for you website.  “I was a little skeptical in the beginning about driving out to way out to Conowingo to end up getting to place and being highly disappointed with the dogs, but boy was I wrong. Not only did the staff know a lot about the breeds but they was a great selection. Jasmine is such a well behaved and mild tempered puppy. She has done extremely well and has a completely clean bill of health. We’ve owned her for over six months and truly have no complaints. I have recommended Stephanie to numerous friends and family members.” Sylvania & Heather  
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